News; Diesel injector head cooling

Published: Saturday 15 October, 2011

While working in diesel engines, fuel injector head heating by gas, prone to overheating. Overheating would lead to Coke and Coke deposition, influence of spraying Hole pin valve movement or needle valve jammed. Contact with the gas section of wall temperature should not exceed 200~220℃. In the general process of jet fuel injector, fuel nozzles produce a role in cooling, it is generally a small diesel engine and diesel engine with low thermal load would have been no further special cooling.

But heavy oil burning and higher heat load in the large diesel engine, fuel injector should carry out specialized cooling, internal settings of cooling liquid in the injector flow channel. Coolant is usually water or diesel. Freshwater high heat transfer coefficient than diesel, the cooling effect is good, but simple diesel cooling systems.