News; Turbocharger oil leakage fault caused

Published: Saturday 15 October, 2011

A WBY-200C stabilized soil mixing machine in construction of roads has two examples of failures caused by the turbocharger oil spill.
1. consumption of large amounts of engine oil
This mixer in every work in the construction of 8h and 4~6L oil, and the replacement of the engine oil viscosity and dark becomes less than two days. At first thought to be caused by components for engine cylinder sleeve wear serious Blow-by burning oil, but check cylinder pressure and engine power, judging engine performance and exhaust pipe has no obvious risk of blue smoke. Analysis think, this fault is due to lubrication booster device of oil through floating bearing, and gas seal plate and retaining oil plate into people into gas dismutase tube caused of, is large oil into people has into tracheal, and with air into people cylinder body in the and adsorption in cylinder wall Shang, in diesel combustion process in the oil was combustion and formation large product carbon, product carbon part was discharges cylinder body, part adsorption Yu cylinder wall and through multiple way into people crankshaft box, to led oil excessive consumption and easy variable dirty, and variable viscosity.
2. pneumatic system component life short, air pressure rises slowly
Split test machine brake system of air compressor, oil-water separator and pressure regulating valve, found parts of carbon many; air compressor inlet and outlet of the diaphragm in the cylinder head and valve core carbon stick together; spring due to high temperatures also lose flexibility rubber parts for oil-water separator has also been melted. Use personnel reflect, the replacement of air compressor cylinder head Assembly and oil-water separator Assembly normally used at the beginning, but using the above failures will occur after 1 month, and working at night can be seen, air compressor to a copper tube for oil-water separator frequently burned red because of working hours is too long. Analysis think, these fault are is due to turbine booster device to into tracheal leakage oil caused of, because encouragement pump of air imports is and into gas dismutase tube communicates of, air entrainment with oil into people encouragement pump and follow-up pipeline in the, due to encouragement pump continuous work and pipeline in the has oil make road does not smooth, to makes compression air temperature higher, caused oil combustion carbonization, and plug pipeline, eventually led above fault.
After you replace the turbocharger, both failed to exclude.
These failures tell us: does not affect the whole machine use and extend the life of the machine, at the time of operation with a turbocharger in construction machinery, be sure to note the following issues:
① After diesel engine starting, idle speed operation must be 5min to load, or the turbocharger will have no access to adequate lubrication, can cause excessive wear Atlas air compressor accessories.
② diesel engine during normal running process without special circumstances not emergency stop, down must make diesel engine reduces speed gradually to idle state and runs above 5min. Due to this class machine in with load work Shi booster device rotor of speed up to 6.18 million r/min, diesel engine suddenly downtime or suddenly reduced speed, is machine pump on will stop for oil or makes for oil volume insufficient, and at this time booster device rotor still to very high of speed running, on will due to was does not to full of lubrication and cooling and caused movement Vice Zhijian excessive wear and temperature too high, effect booster device life even directly led damaged.
③ After diesel engine oil change, oil filters or long term parking, starting after a turbocharger oil by idling in joints loose to oil leakage and tighten again, and run 5min to load.
④ When replacing the turbocharger oil return hose, hose bore must be greater than 25mm and there should be no tight bends in the middle of the place, so as to avoid been affected due to poor return supercharger-lubricating effect.