News; Maintenance cycle instruction shall prevail not 4S shops

Published: Saturday 15 October, 2011

Recently, many owners reflects, it the next day received a different 4S shop tips for enthusiasm and warm phone or text message, saying "your car to the defects liability period. When they went to give cars to do maintenance, found 4S shop said the maintenance cycle and car user manuals which say that the maintenance cycle is different. This phenomenon so that consumers have a question: "car maintenance cycle who has the final say?
Experts maintenance manual shots
Mr Zhang is in an imported vehicle, 4S shop does maintenance, 4S shops should inform 5,000 kilometres maintenance at a time, and wrote on the user's manual, 15,000 km of car maintenance, why should we advance maintenance? 4S stores the answer was given, the domestic petroleum products compared with Europe and a certain Gap Road and, it is recommended that he once every 5,000 kilometres maintenance. Reporter found that shorter service intervals, not only in the number of imported brands, but also exists in many joint venture brands.
4S shop manager said after the sale of a brand, manufacturers in the user manual is written on the service intervals for best economics reasons, 7,500 kilometers is the bottom line. Quality not as good at foreign home not only for petrol, oil, and that air quality is not achieved and therefore, must reduce oil and three filter replacement cycles.
China National automotive industry consulting development Jia xinguang, Chief Analyst (Twitter) that service intervals are based on the main engine of the vehicle after long-term testing, the design and formulation, is based on a certain theory, is scientific. Therefore, at the time of transfer of new car, the dealer has the responsibility and obligation to familiarise consumers instructions, and regular training and other forms of universal car maintenance. But for profit-making purposes, "hoodwinked" consumers to frequent maintenance practices is obviously not desirable.
Reminder: different brand maintenance cycle
Raises many consumers question: why different brands of vehicle has different maintenance cycle, some even vary several times, plus first mileage of very different it too? Automobile maintenance cycle is unified rules?
In General, Japan car of the maintenance mileage is 5,000 km, Germany cars generally 7,500 km, France also has 10,000 km and 15,000 km. Among them, SGM, Faw Beijing Hyundai, Dongfeng Nissan, Dongfeng Honda, Mazda, TOYOTA models, both for routine maintenance every 5,000 km or 3 months, oil change and filter; all brands and models of Shanghai Volkswagen maintenance cycle for every 7,500 km or 6 months; maintenance of Dongfeng Peugeot mileage was routine maintenance every 15,000 km.
It is understood that the service intervals of different cars and brands vary greatly, are specific technical difference caused by different vehicles. Different brands of vehicles equipped with engines of different designs, some engines the material better, higher precision, wear will lower; and some higher demands on engine oil, or even have a special requirement.