News; The Cummins Fuel Systems

Published: Thursday 18 August, 2011

Cummins Fuel Systems provides world class technology to enable engine customers to meet increasing emissions requirements while maximizing fuel economy and performance.

The Fuel Systems new product line supports engine applications ranging from 8 to 78 liters. 


The CELECT fuel system is Cummins first electronically controlled unit injection system, released in 1990.  Currently used on Cummins M11 engine platform, CELECT is a cam driven system that provides high injection pressure.

High Pressure Injection (HPI) Systems

The Heavy Duty HPI (HD HPI) system is an electronically controlled unit injection system currently used on the Cummins Inc. ISX 15 liter and Scania 12 liter products.  This open nozzle system provides higher pressure injection than previously released Cummins.

Similar to the Heavy Duty model, the High Horse Power HPI (HHP HPI) system is an electronically controlled unit injection system.  In order to meet a variety of customer needs, the HHP HPI system can be utilized in multiple engine cylinder configurations.  This system is used on Cummins Inc. high horse power engines ranging from 6 cylinder/19 liter to 18 cylinder/78 liter

 Cummins Common Rail (CCR) Pump

The common rail injection system is used in engine applications previously supported by pump-line-nozzle (PLN) fuel systems in midrange and smaller diesel engines.  The Cummins Common Rail fuel pump offers higher injection pressure and requires less power to operate, resulting in improved fuel economy and emissions compared to competitorsí fuel systems.  The CCR pump is used on Cummins Inc. ISL 9 liter and ISC 8 liter engines.

Extreme Pressure Injection (XPI) System

The XPI system is the most recently released Cummins Inc. fuel system product.  XPI is a jointly developed and manufactured system with a Joint Venture between Cummins Inc. and Scania.  This common rail system provides the highest injection pressure of any other common rail system.  Primarily targeted for Cummins midrange and Scania heavy duty applications, the XPI system is the result of Cummins market leading technology.

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