News; The Function of VE Injection Pump Parts

Published: Thursday 18 August, 2011

Nozzle is one of the main components of fuel injection systems.

It regulates the flow of fuel to the ultimate ignition Compartment. The main function of nozzle is to convert the diesel into the diesel vapours and spray it on the piston.


The function of the element is to meter and deliver the metered fuel. Element consists of barrel and plungers. The rotary motion of the plunger inside the barrel regulates the quantity of fuel and an upward motion delivers the fuel. The plunger is precisely fitted to the barrel with very small clearance to form a perfect sealing.


Delivery valve has the following functions :

1.To assist in the rapid built of pressure in the injection line.

2.To cut of the flow of fuel at the termination of fuel injection pulse.

3.They are seated on top of the element.


The function of the Head Rotor is to meter and deliver the metered fuel. Head Rotor are available in bore sizes of 9 mm to 12 mm

Ve type distributor pump, which is widely used in the recent high-speed, small-and -middle-size diesels, is a kind of fuel injection pump using single high-pressure pumping plunger. Its hydraulic head and rotor are the most important, but damageable parts. Once the pump is attrited, the power of the diesel engine will decrease and injurant emission will increase. Even worse, this may cause the engine fails to start.

HS Code   Diesel Fuel Injection System

870899   Diesel Fuel Injection System

871000   Diesel Injection Pump,Distributor(M50,M100),

870810   Diesel Injector,Diesel Fuel Injection Pumps,Distributor(VA,VE),Inline Pumps,(P,PF,PFR,PES,M,MN,A.Z,etc,BOSCH,STANDYNE,DENSO,ZEXEL,AMBAC,LUCAS,YANMAR,DIPACO

870899   Diesel and gasoline injectors, diesel fuel injection pumps - Distributor (VA, VE), inline (P, PF, PE, PFR, PES, M, MW, A, Z, etc.) engine cam driven pumps, (PE, PF, PFR, etc.).

870810   Diesel Injectors, Diesel Fuel Injection Pumps - Distributor (D, DB, JDB, DB2, DB4, DM2, DM4) Engine Cam Drive Pumps (PF, PFR, etc.)

870810   Diesel Injection Pumps - Distributor - (VA, VE), Inline Pumps (A, P, PES, EP-9, etc.) Engine Cam Driven Pumps (PE, PF, PFR, etc.)

870810  (Lucas CAV, Rotodiesel, Simms) - Diesel and gasoline injectors, diesel fuel injection pumps - Distributor (DPA, DPC, DPS, DP200), inline pumps (Minimec, Majormec, etc.).

870810  YANMAR - Diesel Injectors, diesel fuel injection pumps - inline pumps (PES, etc.), engine cam driven pumps OPE, PF, PFR).